Tomaskar Apartment:

Year of construction: 1993
Year of completion: 1997
No. of Units: 30
Address: P.D. Chaliha Road, Guwahati Club


Toostee Neewas :

Year of construction: 1998
Year of completion: 2000
No. of Units: 20
Address: Sendurali Path, R.G. Barua Road, Guwahati


Toostee Neeloy:

Year of construction: 2001
Year of completion: 2003
No. of Units: 20
Address: Pub-Sarania, Chandmari Colony, Guwahati


Toostee Griha:

Year of construction:2004
Year of completion: 2006
No. of Units: 6
Address: F.C. Road, Uzan Bazar, Guwahati


Toostee Mahal:

Year of construction: 2007
Year of completion: 2009
No. of Units: 9
Address: Sakuntala Path, Mathura Nagar, Downtown, Guwahati








House No 11, BRB Road,

Happy Villa,Opp PTI Office,


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